Ford Fiesta ‘Jelly’

This is an entry for the Kodak Student Commercial Awards. I developed the concept together with the marvelous, young director Hendrik Faller. He is a very visual person which clearly helped. The approach was a huge technical challenge for us. So far I haven’t learned as much as on this project in such a short time.

The budget for the project was only £150. We shot it on only one roll of Super16mm film which is one of the rules of the competition. We made use of miniatures and green screen. All compositing was done in AfterEffects with great help of Marc and his vast experience.

After watching this, don’t miss out on the MAKING OF.

written by Hendrik Faller / Felix Schmilinsky
Director Hendrik Faller
DoP Felix Schmilinsky
Producer Merel Gräeve
Editor Florence Kennard
Production Design Toby Browne
Model Maker Thomas Bench
Costume Design Rachel Moran
Sound Design Joshua Thomas
VFX/Compositing Felix Schmilinsky / Marc Rühl

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