This is my intermediate diploma. Not everything went the way it should. I’ve filmed the actors in front of a bluescreen and composited the footage with 3d-models done in blender

by the way I concealed a smokin dog with a hat in the film.

Bruder David Müller
Schwester Sabine Mièl Fischer
Statist Philip Hering
Director Marc Rühl
assistant director Katharina Rachor
dop Iván Robles Mendoza
best boy Yaschar Scheyda / Thomas Kneffel
sound-reccording Boris Dörning
sound-mixing Bernd Zimmermann
projectsupport Rotraut Pape
thank you Jan Eichberg / Felix Schmilinsky / Egon Bunne / FH Mainz / Marco Russo / Harrys Special Effects / Nha Trang

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